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This is our Paintball team that will keep you updated on what they are doing and where they will be playing

Crysis – Paintball Event

Crysis – Recovery with a Twist – Paintball event Next date: 27 July 2014 at 10:00 This is a FUN EVENT and will work on the same principal as the Zombie vs Human Night Game. Up to 7 people in a Team + 1 Medic/Referee that will be assigned. If you don’t have a team your still […]

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Day/Night Game: Aliens and Zombies – AVZ Dark Moon

REMEMBER to bring a FLASH LIGHT this event will be pitch black, as there is no Full moon out. So now, the Aliens decided to come at the Zombies on the Darkest Moon and not on full moon again. As there A$$ have been kicked last time. So what will the Zombies do now? REMEMBER […]

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