A field full of players and you can only shoot one of them. At the same time, only one is hunting you. The problem is that you don’t know who that person is.


A group of players with their names on cards.


Players stand in a circle with their cards that have their names and a description of what their wearing. Each player then passes their cards to the player to their left. A referee will tell the players to continue to pass cards to their left for a random amount of time. At that point, everyone takes the card in their hand and has one minute to hide anywhere on the field.


Players are only allowed to shoot the person whose name is on the card they hold. When a player successfully shoots the player who he is hunting he then takes that player’s card. The player then hunts out the player who is on that card. A player who shoots and doesn’t have that player’s card is disqualified. The game continues until all players but one are eliminated or until a time limit is reached. Each player retains the cards of all the players they have eliminated. For example, if Player A shoots Player B and B has already eliminated C and D, B keeps the cards of C and D and leaves the field and only gives A the card of the player he is currently hunting.


The player who has collected the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.


Trust nobody. Hunt for your target but treat every opposing player as if they have your name.


When you eliminate a player you also get all the cards that player has already earned. This way, whoever is the last player on the field will have all the other cards and will be the winner.

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