Bounty Hunters

There are multiple bounty hunters all pursuing one fugitive. While the numbers are stacked against the fugitive, he does have some distinct advantages.


One fugitive and 4-6 bounty hunters.


The fugitive is given one minute to hide on the field and the bounty hunters all start together at the home base.


The goal is for the bounty hunters to capture the fugitive by shooting him on the arms or legs or by touching him. A shot to the body results in a tie (a dead fugitive means no reward for the bounty hunters). The fugitive can shoot the bounty hunters anywhere on the body to eliminate them.


The bounty hunters must capture the fugitive within a certain time limit (15-20 minutes is usually good). The fugitive wins by eliminating all the bounty hunters or surviving to the end of the time limit.


The fugitive must hide well and use the clock to his advantage. By forcing the bounty hunters to separate to cover the field, the fugitive has a better chance at picking off the bounty hunters one by one and at the same time use up the clock.

The bounty hunters must focus on surrounding the fugitive and slowly advancing in on him. Since this can take a lot of time, find the fugitive as quickly as possible and then plan your assault. Remember, since a body or head shot will result in a tie, try your best to avoid firing until you have a clear shot at the arms or legs.


Give the bounty hunters pumps and give the fugitive a semi-automatic.

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