You have one minute to get as many bodies as possible to the other side of the field.


Two teams, one referee with a stopwatch and a smaller field.


Teams are placed on opposite ends of the field with a set number of paintballs (5 or fewer, depending on the skill level of the player). The referee will sit in the middle of the field to quickly call people out and keep careful watch of the time.


When the game starts, each team must try to get as many players as possible to the opposite side of the field. Normal rules apply for eliminations, but players don’t leave the field, they simply raise their gun and wait for the game to end. After one minute the referee stops the game and one point is awarded for each player who has successfully made it to the opposite end without being eliminated. Multiple rounds can be played and the scores combined by simply restarting the game each time from opposite sides of the field.


The team with the most players to successfully make it across the field within one minute wins.


Flags can be placed throughout the field and any flag that is captured is also worth one point. Alternatively, points can be scored either for successfully crossing the field or for eliminating an opposing player.

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