Pocket Full of Balls

While it’s often exciting to shoot a stream of paintballs as fast as you can pull the trigger, sometimes it’s nice to slow things down a little bit so the focus is on accuracy and positioning rather than the speed of your fingers. The simple way to slow things down is to remove all hoppers and play one shot at a time.


Any type of game such as capture the flag or elimination is suitable. Just prepare for that game and then apply the new rules.


Follow the rules for the type of game you are playing. You may use whatever gun you want, but no hoppers are allowed. You may carry as much extra paint as you want in your pockets or in pods, but you must manually load them with your hand. Remember to clearly define boundaries and a time limit before you begin.


All general rules of paintball apply, and remember to be safe. When both teams are ready, the game begins when someone shouts, “Game on!” The goal of each team is to accomplish the mission of whichever game type you are playing (such as capturing your opponent’s flag or eliminating your opponent’s entire team). You may not use a hopper, so you must manually load your gun to shoot. Creativity is key, so whether you’re making a small hopper out of your fist, running with your hand over your feed neck or filling your buddy’s gun for him you are within the rules.


A team wins by accomplishing the objective of the game you are playing as long as nobody on the team has violated any of the rules.

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