Rather than speed and quickness, the focus of Snipers is stealth and stalking. Not only do you have a limited number of shots, if you don’t conceal yourself well you’re just a sitting duck.


Two teams, three ballons, a timer and an air horn. It’s best to play this on a larger field with significant amounts of brush and cover.


Start off by inflating the ballons and attaching them to trees or poles throughout the field. Divide the teams into two groups: guards and snipers. The snipers each have a set number of paintballs (around 10-15 is good) and have three minutes to hide wherever they want to on the field as long as they are not within 30 paces of a ballon. The guards start at one base with their backs towards the snipers and have the same number of paintballs.


When the air horn blows the guards have thirty seconds to seek out and eliminate any snipers they find. After thirty seconds the air horn blows again and the snipers are now able to fire.


The guards win by eliminating all the snipers. The snipers win by either eliminating all the guards or popping all the ballons by shooting them or by eliminating all the guards. If neither side has won after an agreed upon time (10-20 minutes), it’s a tie.


With a limited number of paintballs, the key is to make sure you have a shot before you pull the trigger. If you’re the snipers either work as a team to get the ballons or else work as a team to get the guards. If you’re the guards, try to find and eliminate as many snipers as you can in the first thirty seconds and then systematically search the field while keeping the ballons well-guarded.

Variation 1

Don’t let the snipers use hoppers and make them feed each ball one at a time.

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