We have Paintball rental gear available for the thrill seeking and future Paintball players.

Pricing are as follows: 

Rentals (incl. Mask, Hopper, Cylinder, Marker, Overall)

Minimum 10 people per group

R130 per person + 100 paintballs

R170 per person + 200 paintballs

R50 for extra 100 paintballs

R80 range fees own gear

Paintball Rentals

Please note: Only Ruins Paintball & Airsoft Field paint may be used on rentals equipment.

Other Field Pricing

Range fees

Non-members: R 60.00

Co2 Refill

We do refills on Co2

Air Refill

R50 per cylinder

Paintball Rentals

 U can either pay cash or via internet transfers

Conditions of payments:

1-9 persons are payable at the Paintball range

From 10 people and upwards must pay 50% Deposit, 2 and days in advance booking or as arranged.

Contact us for Bookings

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