We have Paintball rental gear available for the thrill seeking and future Paintball players.
Pricing are as follows:

Rentals (incl. Mask, Hopper, Cylinder, Marker, Overall)

Minimum 10 people per group

R160 per person with 100 paintballs

R200 per person with 200 paintballs

R60 for extra 100 paintballs

R80 range fees own gear

Paintball Rentals

Please note: Only Ruins Paintball & Airsoft Field paint may be used on rentals equipment.

Other Field Pricing

Range fees

Non-members: R 100.00

Co2 Refill

We do refills on Co2

Paintball Rentals

U can either pay cash or via internet transfers

Conditions of payments:

1-9 persons are payable at the Paintball range

From 10 people and upwards must pay 50% Deposit, 2 and days in advance booking or as arranged.

Contact us for Bookings

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