While few people are born ambidextrous, many wish they were. With a little practice, though, you can learn to competitively play with either hand. It also helps if everyone else is learning at the same time.


Any type of game such as capture the flag or elimination is suitable. Just prepare for that game and then apply the new rules.


Follow the rules for the type of game you are playing. You may use whatever gun you want, but you must use your non-dominant hand. If you typically shoot with your right hand on the trigger, you must use your left hand or if you typically use your left hand, you must use your right.


All general rules of paintball apply, and remember to be safe. When both teams are ready, the game begins when someone shouts, “Game on!” The goal of each team is to accomplish the mission of whichever game type you are playing (such as capturing your opponent’s flag or eliminating your opponent’s entire team). You may only use your non-dominant hand throughout the game – no exceptions.


A team wins by accomplishing the objective of the game you are playing as long as nobody on the team has violated any of the rules.

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