The Bomb Game

This is a variation of capture the flag that requires you to think, shoot and move quickly.
Capture the flag is a classic version of paintball and this simple variation keeps things interesting – there’s only one bomb in the centre that you need to capture and defend.

An Electronic timer “Bomb”. That can be set to defend times to accommodate the amount of players.

Similar to classic capture the flag, two teams must position themselves at opposite ends of the field. Rather than placing a flag at the base of either teams or in the middle of the field, only one bomb is placed in the centre of the field.

There is one bomb in the middle of the field, which may not be moved. The goal is for one of the teams to capture the bomb and activate and defend it, till the bomb go off. If the other team recapture the bomb they must reset the bomb and activate and defend it, till the bomb go off.

The secret to Bomb game is to move fast, shoot lots and defend. Right at the start be sure to run as fast as you can and either activate the bomb or at least take up position as close as possible to it and defend. The team that first gains control of the bomb typically has the best chance of winning. Often, the game is decided by a player who is willing to rush under fire and take a shot at activating and defending the bomb.

All general rules of paintball apply, and remember to be safe. When both teams are ready, the game begins when someone shouts, “Game on!” The Bomb may not be moved from where it’s being placed.

A team wins by successfully defending the bomb after activating it.

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