League of Legends – Pistol & Pump League – 1St Game

League of Legends

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/184596718417236/

1St Game Format:
The first league event game is the normal one-on-one game. Just to get the people into the League and to get to know each other.

Scoring system:
You will play against everyone that is there on the day and start picking up points.
• 5 Registration payment bonus
• 1 Win
• 0 Draw
• -1 Lose

Points will be added together at the end of the day and the person with the highest points will win the day. These points will be carried forward to the other league games and the six people with the highest score will battle it out at the last event, with a twist.
This will also depend on how many people will be playing. We need six people at most.

Entry fee is only R40 and payable on the day of the event. Nevertheless, if you pay with your registration you will get 5 points extra even before the event starts.

Registration starts as from today until Saturday 15:00 before the event and the same will count for all other events also. If there is not more than 4 players the event will only be a fun event and everybody will be noticed on the Saturday afternoon at 17:00.

To register email: legends@ruinspaintball.com with your details or call Riaan 0832792246
You will receive an email confirming your registration and more info of the upcoming League of Legends events and rules.

There is no upfront payment needed to be made so please if you bail on us just let us know so that we can notify the other players.

What is this League of Legends?

The League are outlets for paintball players who have a Pistol or Pump marker and never get to play with it against other Pistol or Pump players. Therefore, we decided to create a fun-filling league for them where they can measure up against their fellow Pistol or Pump paintball players.

Every event will be different and you will not only be playing one-on-one, but there will be events that you need a team member and other events where you and your team member will battle it out against each other or maybe against one speedball player. The games will be short with limited paintballs depending on the type of game.

That is what will make the League of Legends unique.

We will also try to accommodate everybody with appropriate dates so that you do not miss event points. We do have an existing calendar but it is flexible trying to fit every player’s schedule.

As until date there are some small prizes for first, second and third. It is not much but it is something. Nevertheless, as the event continues and develops we will try to get more and bigger sponsored prizes.


10min games

Guns are set at 300 fps max
No time will be allowed on players guns that are over 300 Fps
Player will be eliminated

Defined by a player that cannot see where or what he/she is shooting
Keep an eye on the barrel

No surrender rule, person to surrender can decide if he/she wants to surrender.

Any hit on the body counts
Hit on a gun counts
Action Camera counts
Remote Coil counts

If you feel a hit and the paintball did not break then you are not out and can continue playing. No Paint Checks.

Defined by a player trying to remove a paint mark.
Players will be pulled from the field and disqualified from current event.

Fireworks “Crackers. Smoke grandes”, real police or military ammunition “it’s illegal”

All players must have either a barrel sock or plug on at all times in safe zones. Players without will not be allowed to play. This rule also stands for players with remote coils. Even if the remote coil is disconnected, he/she should still cover their barrels. We promote safety.

If a player swears at another if, he thinks the other player did him in, the player that used bad language will be pulled from the next game. We promote a safe game and want to get the younger players involved. Swearing is not building the game

When two opposite players are face to face around a corner and both are shot more or less at the same time. The referee will eliminate both.

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