Crysis – Paintball Event


Crysis – Recovery with a Twist – Paintball event

Next date: 27 July 2014 at 10:00

This is a FUN EVENT and will work on the same principal as the Zombie vs Human Night Game.

Up to 7 people in a Team + 1 Medic/Referee that will be assigned.

If you don’t have a team your still welcome as we will create teams that day.
We will be playing in a very big area please make sure that you have enough water order other hydration fluids.

Entrance Fee: R60

After the previous year plane crash and the recovery of the main objective something important information and objects where spread across a vast aria of the crash site and all teams are called in to help recover the remaining objects. There are 5 in total that we have counted till now.

We will be leaving the base/safe area at 12:00 on the 27 July 2014. Teams will start at the main area (First Siren – Start of Game) and will have 10 minutes to get out of line of fire of all the other teams playing (Second Siren – 10min in game).The GPS Coordinates will be given in a sealed envelope with a map of the playing field, to the team captain. There after your team must try to survive for the duration of the game.

There are 5 objectives in the playing field that will be marked on the Map with GPS coordinates given also. The main objective of the game is to recover and complete the most objectives as a team as you can. If there is a too or more teams with the same total objectives completed they will fight it out against each other after all the objectives have been recovered/completed.

There will also be mask available to rent for people who would like to see all the action on the field and they may become a spy for your team. But can also become a casualty of the war if a team suspect them of spying. Once such a spy has been shot they must leave the playing field and may not return.

Ammo “Paintballs”
The only limited to how much ammo you may play with is how much you can carry with you on the field.
NO ammo may be stash on the field for later use.
If a team member has been shot out you may take his ammo if you can carry it with you.
You may not go fetch ammo any ware, what you started with is what you may play with. With the exception of a dead team member ammo that have been picked up.

Each Player will have 3 lives.

One live will be link to a vital shot and three none vital shots will be link to one live.
This mean that on your 3rd none vital shot after each other you would be declared dead.
No Moving waiting for medic.
No Talking when you are dead and waiting for the medic to resuscitate you.

Facebook Event page

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