The Easter Hunt



Sunday, April 27 at 10:00

Entry fee: R60.
BUT if you come with a closed can of Junky Energy drink you will get R10 off on the entry fee. If you come with two cans, you will get a Junky T-Shirt also.

As everyone knows the story of the Easter Bunny, we decided to change it a little bit. Firstly, it is a week later than normal… so the bunny is not happy.
Yes there is still lots and lots of eggs that our Easter Bunny has hidden around Ruins but, he is not going to give them up without a fight.

So how does it work?
Easy, you just need to find the hidden “Eggs” that are hidden all over the Ruins Main field, without being shot by the Easter Bunny or someone else. Once you are shot you’re out for that game and may not collect any “Eggs” until the next game.

What are these Eggs?
Eggs are prizes yes, many prizes that you can win if you can find an egg. We will announce closer to the event the prizes that we will be giving away.

The Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny cannot die he is like Chuck Norris.
When shot he will freeze for 10 seconds and will not freeze if he is shot immediately after it.
Any shots on the Easter Bunny in the suspended mode will reduce the suspended time with a second from the next time.
When in suspended mode the Easter Bunny will have his barrel sock on.
In addition, remember the Easter Bunny will not make it easy for you.

So, which games will be played?

Capture the Flag… Unreal Tournament style
There will be 5 to 7 people in a team and all the teams will be spread across ruins to capture one flag. The team that successfully captures the flag will each get a T-Shirt. Nevertheless, remember the Easter Bunny will not make it easy for you.

The Hunger Game
Whomever has seen the movie knows how this will turn out.
We will all start on the main field around the cross, the first siren will go on and that means you need to get your @SS out of there and out of sight before the next siren. On the second siren, you may start shooting people.
There will be no limit on paint, but you may not go refill your Air/CO2 or paint once they are depleted. But that does not mean you’re out of the game, remember in paintball you’re not out until you have been shot and the ball has broken and left a paint mark on you, any size of mark.
The Last Person standing, without any paint marks on them, is the winner.
And remember the Easter Bunny will not make it easy for you.

PS. The people that were shot out fast in this game will have a chance to play on the other field some fun games.

The Easter Bomb Game
There will be two sides for this game and will be mixed friends. One Easter bomb in the middle of the main field, one bunny that is on whomever have control of the bomb side. The Easter Bunny is not in any team side until a team have the bomb. In this game, there is a lot of time to get all the Easter Eggs that maybe still left on the field.
In this game there is a limit of paintballs that you may take on the field. Limit is two pods and hopper, but unlimited lives until you run out of paintballs. If shot you can only re-spawn at your starting point.
And remember the Easter Bunny will not make it easy for anyone.

The Normal Rules apply…
The First and most important rule is to have fun… That is what paintball is all about.
No limits on paint unless stated so in the game type
Marker must be crono at less than 300fps
NO SWEARING ON THE FIELD: if a player swears at another, if he thinks the other player did him in, the player that used bad language will be pulled from the game. We promote a safe game and want to get the younger players involved. Swearing is not building the game.
NO Shooting in the direction of the N1.
There is NO Paint Check when you feel a shot and you are not sure if it has broken or not, take the hit and move back to your base. It is not the end of the world… just the end of that game…

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